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Simplified international payments

We provide a simple and affordable invoicing system. Through your Webland account, you will be able to create, send and control all the invoices.

Compliance and legal protection

Webland ensures a high level of protection from risks by assuming all legal responsibilities.

Digitally signed contracts

By using the Webland platform, your contracts will be digitally signed. Your closed deals will save you time, thanks to our global e-signature partners.

Selective contractors

Webland helps you save time by selecting top contractors with a high level of expertise. Their technical skills will always be assisting you along the way.

Online project estimation

Our experience will allow you to put a budget estimation on your projects. Based on the concept and the options you require, we will conduct a primarily assessment to provide you with some suggestions then.

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We collaborate with verified technology stacks development companies from many backgrounds. To select the contractor of your choice, fill out a brief with our Webland client manager. After processing your application, you will receive a contract draft, sign the agreement online and start working as soon as possible.
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Simpl Around • Virtual travel assistant mobile App

IWALY • Family archive and burial care service mobile App
Lancman School • Platform for webinars and courses
Lancman School • Online diary
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Lancman school • Online platform

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