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We put together your resources and our expertise to turn them into life-changing concepts

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Concept Creation

We conduct a market search. We then build an appropriate business model before conceptualising your product.

Branding and Styling

We will make your brand unique by setting up your brand platform, which will give your company its own image and identity.

Product Design

We create a fully digitalised product design cycle to meet your needs. We do that by offering mock-ups, design system, interactive prototypes etc.


In collaboration with our highly experienced engineers, we create futuristic digitalised mobile and web solutions.

Legal & Corporate Support

We can recommend the best law and consultancy firms to help with all legalities. Moreover, we can fully support your marketing, operations, and HR departments.

Professional Network

Our partner network includes consultants, lawyers, software developers, startup founders and investors who provide advice and remove barriers to project growth early on.

Product creation

We offer a detailed analysis describing the labour and technology needed for financing and creating the new product.

Market search. Market research consists of gathering data about existing competitors. It will also allow you to have a better understanding of the market’s needs.

Product creation. Our team of specialists evaluates all the gathered data to come up with a concept that will be turned into a final product.

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ReStart for Seed and higher stage projects

Outstanding team

Premium funding acceleration

Investment Syndicate

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