Simpl Around

Virtual travel assistant.
Mobile App that connects tourists with
travel-oriented businesses

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About project

Simpl Around helps travellers find everything they need, from private tour guides to hidden local spots. The app offers an enticing reward program to make your trips more affordable.

This innovative platform uses web and mobile apps to create a long-term relationship between the user and the travel market (partner).

Many businesses could benefit from Simpl Around, including but not limited to sightseeing venues, independently owned businesses, guides, museums, restaurants, SPAs and beauticians, etc.

Main goal

Even without having an account, a tourist hasaccess to many features on the app, such as offers and services, exciting places to visit or route recommendations.

After signing up and choosing the country of destination, the tourist will credit with «Simpl Rewards», which they can spend on buying goods and services through the app.


Feasibility metrics, Cyprus

100 000
Users goal / per year
Sep 2022
Project  launch
12 month
Development term

Loyalty program

The Simpl Around loyalty program “Simpl Rewards”
Savings pave the way to unforgettable experiences!

Market research

The global e-commerce market is growing,
and this trend is seen in Cyprus tourism as well

Payment process

The payment is simple and can be done in two ways: cash or card

Iconic locations

There are so many places to visit. Just open the map and see archaeological sites, museums, nature parks, monuments, churches, temples, and much more

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