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WHAT we offer

Helpful community

Through Webland, you will have access to the Global group of investors, designers and founders who will help you evaluate the pros and cons of your Startup.

Business guidance

We assist with all the critical elements of building and growing your company. We'll walk you through the hiring process, product strategy, branding, user experience, market-entry, and we will help you boost your business.

Fundraising assistance

Get at least $250k in funding and VC connections to accelerate your product growth in the shortest terms.

Platform launch

We have developed a format for publishing your project to increase the speed of decision-making and conversion. Our fundraising platform automatically accepts projects that have passed the startup stage.

Ongoing support

We continue to be constantly involved in your business scaling by offering operational support and maintenance throughout our entire partnership.

Crypto fundraising

We offer startups a unique opportunity to attract investments in cryptocurrency safely and legally from investors from all over the world.

Our benefits

Focus on your product
and entrust us with your fundraising optimisation.


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Early an access

GNS  • ERP system

GNS  • ERP system

GNS  • ERP system

For startups and ideas

Startup studio

For pre-seed and higher stage projects

Outstanding teams

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