I Will Always Love You

Family archive and burial care service mobile
App to solve delicate problems

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Main goal

The iWALY app was created as a family archive to preserve the memories of deceased loved ones.

Search by geolocation is available in the application, and additional services to honour the memory of your loved ones, even from a distance

Project info

iWALY is a service that combines the functionality of a family burial
archive and a marketplace for ordering services with proven
and professional performers.


More than 600 professional search, cleaning,
and landscaping performers are available in the free App

Burial archive

Users have access to the most accurate database of fame burials

Services and quality

Order service and control the process through the App. Check the quality of work on photos and videos uploaded to the chat upon completion of work

Safe deals

The service guarantees the safe storage of funds until the completion
and acceptance of work, after which it will transfer them to the contractor.

Affiliate model

For work with partners, a CRM system was developed that records orders, transactions, and a chat of the service administrator with clients and performers.

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