Are you looking for a service aimed to connect a client with a courier? Online tracking, fast order placement, online payment, 24/7.Welivery is here to connect both parties together thus, making the delivery easier: you will be contacted with your courier with a single click.Delivery service works as a platform to bring couriers and clients together.
First drone-based weed delivery service

Our goal is to create the wholesale marketplace to distribute marijuana. We plan to buy planting sites from farmers in a remote mode, then monitor the growth of plants, add fertilizers and cut the plants in a due time. Delivery is carried out by unmanned aircraft over a distance.

We hold backend setup, design concepts for applications and systems. Our team of developers is well-coordinated.
$ 500,000
Round A
$ 500,000
Round A
$ 500,000
Round A

Round A

Skilled and experienced talent pipeline and role models, generating new employment
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$ 500,000
$ 54,432
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