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Car rental service for long trips, with points of sale at gas stations

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Discover a new format of long-distance trips around the country with the new modern rental service from RentRide

Select the dates of your trip and the region where you plan to go.  Then choose only the car class: economy, comfort, business or minivan. The manager will agree with you on the available option in your location.

Main goal

The ability to quickly book a car with an exact binding to the model, with extensive coverage of points of presence across the country

Volkswagen Home is a first-in-the-world boutique for the world’s largest automotive brand. Volkswagen wanted to design a place where customers felt compelled to buy through a combination of cosiness and luxury to make them feel at home. The target group was aspiring middle class and the goal was clear - but the road to get there would prove a challenge.


Smart verification and booking process

After submitting your booking request, start verifying your identity.
Wait a little while to check the documents and get the car at the nearest point of sale.
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